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Getting to Koh Samui

Koh Samui is easily accessible by air, train, ferry and bus. The island is located 30 miles from the east coat of southern Thailand, just over 400 miles south of Bangkok.

Travel to Koh Samui by Air

bangkok airways flight to koh samuiFor flights, go to www.bangkokair.com, home of Bangkok Airways. The airline has a monopoly on flights in and out of the island having built the airport, which is one of the most beautiful you’ll find anywhere, and the prices make this a luxury way to travel. Alternatively, the cost of taxis, trains, buses, more buses and ferries add up to something only slightly under the cost of a flight.

The service is good, with regular flights from Bangkok from 6am to 10pm. The earlier and later flights tend to cost less. Koh Samui Airport also has direct flight links to Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Taxis and shuttle buses are always at hand to pick you up after your flight.

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Travel to Koh Samui by Ferry

seatran ferry to koh samuiThere are various ferry operators running frequently throughout the day from alternative ports. The most reliable and fastest (under 2 hours) is the Seatran from Don Sak.

The ferry will take you to Nathon, Samui’s port town, where you can hop on a cheap tuk tuk to go anywhere on the island.

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Travel to Koh Samui by Train

travel by train to koh samuiIt's easy to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui using a combined train+ferry ticket for about 950 baht (£14 or $20) one-way. It's a safe and comfortable way to travel, too, far better than cramped buses or short-haul flights. The overnight sleeper option takes no more time out of your holiday than flying and is a lot more fun, more of an experience and much more environmentally friendly.

Simply take a train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. On arrival at Surat Thani railway station (located at Phun Phin, 14 km from Surat Thani town centre), shuttle buses run to the Don Sak ferry terminal 60 km east of Surat Thani. The bus is included in the train+ferry fare. Ferries sail every hour from Don Sak to Koh Samui, crossing time 1.5 hours, see the ferry information above. You can buy the combined train+ferry tickets at Bangkok Hualamphong station reservations office.

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Travel to Koh Samui by Bus

Buses are the cheapest way to get to the island, but also the slowest and most uncomfortable. They leave from Bangkok’s southern bus station, and from destinations across the country. The journey from Bangkok takes around 13 hours. Again you can buy a combination ticket for the ferry inclusive.