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Thailand Useful Info (How to)

Renew Your Visa

Find your visa running out and can’t face leaving? Head down to Immigration in Nathon, pay up to 2,000 baht, and you can get an extension for 10 days.

For a one month extension, you’ll need to head to the border, cross over and get your passport stamped. A number of companies organize these “visa runs.” Ask at a Samui based travel agent for the best deal – always under 2,000 Bt.

Eat Thai Food

Thai eating habits are very communal. You’ll do well to practice sitting cross legged, using chop-stick and downing ten chilies before hand. The dishes are presented to be picked at and shared by all.

The fork is there to push food onto a spoon, and not to be entered into the mouth. Most spicy dishes will come with rice and cooling vegetables like cucumber to help you survive – so alternate bites.


Thai clothing is becoming more Westernized, but is still fairly conservative. Women are not encouraged to expose their breasts in public, unlike in Germany, and everyone must wear long trousers and long sleeves when entering a temple.

Remember that you may fancy a hike up the mountain, and that the temperatures reach 40 degrees, and pack accordingly. Luxury restaurants accept smart casual.


Wai to everyone, to play it safe. Generally the younger person should initiate the wai, and the person with less money or social rank, so keep a birth certificate, CV and bank statement at hand at all times for hasty comparisons.

A not so good wai is the “prayer” like pose with palms pressed together at chest level. A better wai is with palms pressed – fingertips at eye level, and the best wai, and the one we recommend, is palms pressed, fingers at eye level, give a little bow, hold it, bow further, hold it, and release.