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Samui Airport

Koh Samui International Boutique Airport is a leader in the Beautiful Airports of the World list, with its tropical architecture and open air terminals, and it’s recently been renovated to accommodate expanding customers.

There are direct flights to and from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore, making it a hub of south East Asia, and it’s only fifteen minutes to Chaweng in an ever present shuttle bus.

The airport is owned and operated by the monopolizing Bangkok Airways – www.bangkokair.com – whose prices are high, but not much higher than trekking across the country on trains, buses and ferries, and perhaps worth the extra cost for the convenience involved. Flights at the start and end of the day from Bangkok are cheaper. The flight takes around 45 minutes.

The airport now features a new shopping plaza for a suitable introduction to Samui or some last minute duty frees. The arrival and departure lounge in comfortable. All in all it’s a fine way to travel.

There are a few transport options from Samui airport, and it’s easy enough to get to your destination. Unfortunately a taxi mafia tends to prevail on the island and most arrivals are faced with a relatively expensive set fee (about 500 baht) to any destination on the island, without the meter. The most expensive option is to take a private taxi, but there are also minivans – where the price will depend on the number of people travelling, the cheapest option is to walk out of the airport and take a songthaew if you can find one, or balance yourself and your luggage on the back of a motorbike taxi.