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B1 Villa & Spa

B1 Villa & Spa Suites – Feng Shui Stay

B1 Villa & Spa Suites is located on a prime area of beachfront in the quaint Fisherman's Village of Bo Phut. B1 features a panoramic view of the sea and Phang Ngan Island, home to the famous Full Moon Party. The resort and the villas were conceived and developed with the creative talents of Feng Shui Master Vincenzo di Ieso, to channel the correct flow of the earth's vital energy forces. The design and location of each individual environment within conforms strictly to the principles of Feng Shui.

The owners, Francesco and Suveera had been making Koh Samui their weekend home for more than a decade, before choosing the B1 Villa & Spa Suites property as a permanent project on the island in which to explore their mutual passion for the balance between nature and the energy of Mother Earth. The name B1 is their emphasis on the importance of being one with yourself no matter what you decide to select as your path to happiness and health on a sustainable, long term basis.

Colours, shapes, environment and interior design at B1 were chosen to create different energetic ambiences to improve the wellbeing of our guests under the Feng Shi direction..

“We try to benefit our guests energetically to the earth through our Feng Shui principles, and analogically to the cosmic powers through the connection of the positioning of our first floor rooms to the stars in the Orion's Belt (Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka).” Francesco and Suveera


Car parking Free street parking and in-house parking available

Accommodation Type Family Suite, Penthouse Sutie(s), First Floor Suite(s), Ground Floor Suite

Site Facilities Restaurant & Bar, swimming pool, Salt Jacuzzi outdoor splash pool, Sensory Spa with massage and floatation tank, Sailing facilities, Car/Motorcycle rental,

Services Laundry service, Flight confirmation service, Airport transfer on request, trainin course for sailing, Wireless internet, gTransfer Service

Room - General Air conditioning, telephone, Mini Bar, Cable TV, Aromatherapy & Air Purifying Unit

Room - Electrical Hot Shower , Television, Coffee and tea making facilities, DVD
player & Stereo System

Self Contained - Cooking for all Penthouse Suites and on ground floor, the Orchid Family Suite

Activities Dining, Shopping, Swimming, sailing and all water activities

General All travelers welcome

Nearby Airport, Attractions, Beach, Banks, Restaurants/Cafes, Shops, Bars, Pubs & Clubs, Supermarket, Town