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Chiang Mai Hotels

The cultural capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is famous for its festivals & the rugged, mountainous terrain. Some of the best Chiang Mai hotels can be found located in the scenic beauty. The site is also nominated as 1 of the best cities in the world to visit in 2011, by Lonely Planet, along with New York (USA), Valencia (Spain) & Wellington (New Zealand).

Tips to find the best Chiang Mai Hotels

To live in the best Chiang Mai hotels facilitates your enjoying several types of activities including elephant rides in the jungle, visits the ethnic hill tribes, & enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Although quiet & peaceful, is Chiang Mai to life in Apr during the Songkran festival. Visitors are required to book well in advance during this season to avoid last minute disappointments.

To find Chiang Mai hotels & competitive prices, you can search for reputable travel agency websites. These websites offer extensive choices in terms of numbers, services, facilities, rates, location & packages. Here are more tips for finding the best Chiang Mai hotels: