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Aquarium & Tiger Zoo Samui Attraction

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Discover local marine life without getting in the water.

There are many species of underwater life at the Samui Aquarium including naughty sharks. Near the shark enclosure, there is a sign reading “don't put your hands in the water,” which is more of a suggestion than a rule... They also have panthers, tigers and other animals including an amazing collection of birds – beautiful animals, in cages, as you’d expect from any good aquarium. You can have your picture taken with one of the tigers. It costs 100 baht to take the photo with your own camera – just throw your arm around the animal, squeeze your face up to its chubby cheeks, and snap away for the photo of your trip: one to make the boyfriend jealous.

It’s 250 baht for the photo to be taken with the staff Polaroid, but you lack the intimacy.

The Samui Aquarium is in Hua Thanon, the merry Muslim village, and is open from 9:00 am- 18:00. There are also some birds and tigers on your way out, so be sure to dress casually.

For many, a visit to this sight is the first inspiration for people who subsequently take up snorkeling and even diving. The fish are vivid and unusual, and you get a real sense of the other world.

Samui Tiger Zoo, Say hello to the Royal Bengal Tigers and young Leopards. These magnificent creatures, with their grace and formidable power; evokes in us fear and awe, they are two of natures most feared predators. Now you can enjoy watching these magnificent animals, playing with one another and relaxing in the natural surroundings.