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Mummiefied Monk Samui Attraction

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samui mummy monkThe well-preserved, Mummified body of the monk named Loung Por Ruam is the one and only Mummified Monk. He first sat down here 30 years ago. 25 years ago, people realized he was dead, and pickled him. He still looks remarkably good. Step in this Wat for a few minutes and take a good look at this mummy. This is the only mummy you will ever see that wears sunglasses, other than Madonna. Admission to the temple is free, but guests are reminded to dress in modest clothing and to remove sunglasses before entering.

The Mummified Monk still has some hair, fingernails and very leathery skin, but don’t touch it!

The story behind this one, as the legend goes, is that 'Loung Pordaeng' a wealthy resident of Koh Samui who gave up all his earthly wealth when he became a Buddhist, died, in 1973, His followers noticed that he was not decaying, so they displayed him in a glass coffin, believing this to be a Buddhist miracle, despite the monk’s vociferous protests. He is still on display today, looking pretty good for his age, but not very happy.

The mummified monk is in a temple, Wat Khunaram, situated on the south coast between Ban Thurian and Ban Hua Thanon, on the road between Nathon and Lamai, 10 minutes drive from Hin Tai and Hin Yai, after the junction to the water fall and the temple is on your left.