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Hin Ta Hin Yai Samui Attraction

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Hin Ta Hin YaiHin Ta Hin Yai (Grandfather & Grandmother Rocks), It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions on Koh Samui and a staple part of the island’s culture. What is it? It’s a giant penis and twat made of eroded rock.

That’s right; every year, hoards of gleeful tourists head down to Lamai, off the beach road, to have their photos taken with these rock formations that bare a passing resemblance to male and female genitalia, buy postcards of the genitals is question, and leave with some images to show the grand kids. While this may be Mother Nature’s ironic dig at modern Thailand’s “culture,” - the sex industry, it may also be the projection of our below the belt and lascivious minds. Next they’ll be erecting totem poles.

Typically, there is a story behind it too. Legend has it that the rocks appeared when two lovers drowned themselves in the sea as a result of parental disapproval of their relationship. We do not what the grounds for disapproval were, but we can assume they had something to do with exhibitionism. Superstitious couples looking to conceive visit the site for its “positive vibrations and good energy,” when really they should be at home having it off. Hin ta and hin yai are the Thai phrases for grandfather and grandmother, so anyone whose grand parent's senility lead to public exposure can probably relate.

The area has a little bay that’s good for swimming, if visitors choose not to litter that day. The views are beautiful, and there’s plenty of fresh air. Do be careful on the rocks. They can be a bit slippery, and visitors have been known to slip and fall into unmentionable crevices, which might be a nightmare or a fantasy come true, depending on your persuasion. These slippery spectacles usually occur once every five minutes so you can always stand by with a camera and then post the video on the Internet the next day.

There are small shops in the area, and parking is available for about 20 Baht.