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Samui Festivals & Events

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Fullmoon Party Full Moon Party (Koh Pha Ngan) the world famous full moon party

It’s not on Samui but most party goers will stay here and get a boat over to the action. Once a month at Haad Rin Beach, Koh Pha Ngan. 10,000 or more people have party on the one-kilometer sandy beach. People party from dusk till dawn and even onto the next day. Thai and western DJ's play sounds to cater for all party goers’ tastes from Hip-Hop, House, Trance, Garage and Jungle. International visitors and Thai celebrate this world famous event together. There’s a great deal of drugs and booze and pretention, and a number of bars along the beach, and you might catch an episode of Trigger Happy TV in one of the pubs at 3am if you’re lucky.

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Songkran Thai New Year

The Songkran is the most high-spirited festival in the Thailand. It is a public holiday that is held over three days from the 13th-15th April, and celebrates the beginning of the Thai Buddhist New Year. Songkran has developed over the time from a simple religious occasion in which Buddha images were bathed in water to clean them, into a larger tribute to water. Songkran’s original customs are still maintained, where younger Thais pay there respects to monks and their elders by sprinkling their hands with scented water, but mostly people let out any insatiate feelings by attacking each other with water through fixed smiles..

Koh Samui International Regatta

This international Yachting Regatta, held every year attracts yachters from around the world to race and compete, settling old scores and competing for uninterested girls. The event is another celebration for a beach side party, and is highly sponsored and prominent each year. It’s a beautiful sight. Sail away with me honey…

Loi Kratong

This traditional custom has been celebrated for centuries. It is claimed that this historic ceremony has its origin in the 13th Century during the Sukhothai period, but it has a close resemblance to the Indian game of 900BC, Puna, played by two people, in which the designated Puni places possessions of value in a little plant leaf boat, and then orders the Puna to jump in the water and retrieve it. Everyone shouts “Puni, Puni, Puni,” but the Thai Loy Kratong is a much more peaceful affair, but based around the same theme.