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Butterfly Garden Samui Attraction

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Butterfly GardenNatien Butterfly garden is a good destination to visit particularly with the ball and chains. Kids love butterflies, as do some wives! You’ll have to bare the heat of the tropics and deal with a sweaty walk, but it’s worth it. There is a great number of colourful butterflies fluttering around in a natural environment. It rarely gets over crowed (with people) and it is a very peaceful place to go. Bring some water with you and remember to keep well hydrated.

Walking around seeking perfect photos of choice butterflies is quite absorbing work, and you may lose track of time and reality. There’s a museum on the top of the hill where you can cool off with an ice-cream and there are some dead butterflies on display, as an ominous nod to mortality, and some dead beetles. The only good beetle is a dead beetle, as you know. Or a Volkswagen Beetle. Rare insects from Thailand and other countries are also displayed here. The bee house, a Thai style house which allows visitors to observe the activities of bees, is also a must see for the strange.

There are at least 100 butterfly species in Thailand & 25 of them are represented at this garden: butterflies native to Malaysia & Indonesia, crickets, tarantulas, spiders & other arachnids. Na Tian Butterfly Garden is situated at the bottom of the hill south of the island. The 170 baht entrance ticket includes the butterfly garden, the bee house, & one free glass of their signature drink made out of a colourful who knows what.