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Big Buddha Koh Samui Attraction

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Big Buddha SamuiThe Big Buddha should not be missed, and owing to his size, he probably will not be. The accompanying statues around the site are also big, and you can spend a few hours relaxing in the colourful surroundings. It is a Buddhist site, so be sure to cover your shoulders and knees. Visitors who forget to cover themselves before arriving try to cover their shoulders and knees with their hands, simultaneously, which – try it - is both impossible and ridiculous. There are some stalls and small stores selling souvenirs; everything from crystals to hand-woven shawls, to wooden carvings to - obviously - Buddhas.

Refreshments are also available. The monks are collecting donations to build new walls and buildings, so why not "Sponsor-a-Brick?" Pay as much as you wish, take a brick and write your name, personal message, lament, or whatever you like on its side and place it on the growing pile. And while you're there, read the messages on some of the thousands of bricks left by other travellers, another way to kill time! Some visitors also like to engage in staring competitions with the Big Buddha. Look him in the eye and see who blinks first. But these people are usually removed by the authorities.

The highlight of this temple is the gigantic sitting Big Buddha, named "Phra Buddha Kodom." The width of its lap span is 5 metres, 9 inches and its height is 12 metres. From the top of the temple you can see beautiful scenery of Koh Phangan and Bophut Beach, although climbing onto the Buddha’s big bald head and shouting “Look at me” may upset the easily offended.