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Beach Volleyball Samui

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Beach volleyball is an Olympic sport played on sand. Two teams on either side of a net stand in a rectangular court, and hit a volleyball using the hands or arms. Players attempt to hit the ball over the net so that it touches the ground inside the court rectangle, and to stop the ball from hitting the ground on their own side of the court. Beach volleyball has become a recreational activity on many beaches around the world, and is most popular in areas with wide sandy beaches.

beach volleyballKoh Samui is an ideal place to play volleyball because of the fantastic weather and the very soft sand. The most popular spots are up and down Chaweng Beach. Stroll along and you’ll be invited into a game. Bring some water, and be prepared to sweat. Once a year, Bangkok Airways invites a dozen Thai superstars down from Bangkok to take part in a celebrity volleyball tournament, so that’s a good time to take up the game.

Beach volleyball developed from indoor volleyball. The sports are similar. A team scores by grounding the ball onto the opponents' court, and when the opposing team commits a fault. Teams can contact the ball no more than three times before the ball crosses the net. Consecutive contacts must be made by different players. The major differences between beach and indoor volleyball are the playing surface - deep sand rather than a hard floor - and team size - two players per team rather than six.

There are a number of shops on Chaweng Beach Road that sell the right gear to wear while playing. You’ll want to look your best because it’s a spectators, as well as exhibitionists sport, of some distinction.

Bangkok Airways Beach Volleyball 2007 Tournaments Chaweng Beach

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