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Kiteboarding - also known as kitesurfing or flysurfing is a relatively new sport that first gained popularity in the late 90's. Kiteboarding is a mixture between windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. Different size kites allows you to kiteboard in various wind strengths. The bigger the kite, the lighter the wind you can go in and vice versa. With bigger kites you can get going in as little as 10 knots, and with smaller kites you can still sail along in strong winds of 35 knots or more.

Learning to Kiteboard in Samui

Compared to windsurfing and surfing, kiteboarding is a relatively easy sport to learn. Most students are able to get up on their board after two or three lessons from a certified kiteboarding instructor, and with a bit of practice you can do your first jump in a few days. Kiteboarding is a safe sport only if you familiarize yourself with the safety aspects of the sport. Lessons are extremely important.

It is important to note that kiteboarders can pose a danger to the public. Tensioned lines are razor sharp and can cause cuts to innocent bystanders. Lessons will jumpstart your learning process, and get you on the water quickly and safely.

Kiteboarding Asia is the largest kitesurfing, kiteboarding schools and centers with the best retail shops and the biggest selection of kites and boards to buy or rent in Asia and Thailand. Their center is situated at the Samui Orchid Resort, located on the south east side of the island away from the busy tourist areas.

For more information about Thailand Kitesurfing School contact KBA at
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