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Koh Samui Elephant Trekking Island Safari Tour

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Elephant Trekking is a popular activity on Koh Samui as thousands of visitors head to the mountain each year on the back of an elephant. Choose between a 30 minute or a 1 hour ride and follow your guide to a local waterfall for swim and rest and then head right back to the resort when you're ready to go. You'll also have a photograph with an elephant to commemorate the occasion, but getting an elephant to smile is about as easy as getting Bruce Willis to wash.

Elephant treks are recommended for the children of 8 years and up and can be booked at any travel agent. Alternatively, head down to Namuang Waterfall where you can find the elephant camp at Namuang Safari Park. The ride lasts app. 30 minutes and costs about 500-700 Baht. You also can join one of the safari tours which mostly include an elephant ride.

Elephants are herbivores and will consume about 2-300kg of food per day, and 150 liters of water. Elephants may be heavy animals, but they can run up to 15 miles per hour. If your elephant does begin to run towards a tourist area, say “Stop” loudly, but don’t shout, or the beast will become nervous. Use a commanding tone, and repeat, “Stop.”

For local Safari Tour agent contact Namuang Safari Park at
Office: 077-424 098, 077-424 663 Website: www.samuinamuangsafari.com