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Samui Golf & Country Club, Vacation Guide for Golfer Holiday

Samui is a golf destination with one of the best Golf Vacation in Thailand. Play at one of the best highlands golf courses, Santiburi Samui Country Club. Stay next to the golf course or choose to enjoy an excellent 5 stars luxury accommodation at Santiburi Resort. An additional 9 hole highlands golf course, Royal Samui Golf & Country Club, is also opening in the Spring of 2008 next to Chaweng Beach, playing golf at this course very easy for those holiday golfer who stay in Chaweng & Lamai areas.

Santiburi Samui Golf Country Club

Santiburi Samui Country Club is a highlands golf courses that incorporates its design to benefit from the natural beauty of the environment. Each hole is positioned along the different altitudes of the natural hills so prepare for an up-and-down-hill golf game. Itís an interesting and entertaining game to play. The greens are arranged over the course from an altitude of 30 to 220 meters. Golfers enjoy lovely views of the sea and beaches at all times.

golf vacation thailand
golf vacation thailand

Architectural design enhances the natural beauty and blends into the surroundings to conserve the coconut jungle, which is an original symbol of Koh Samui. The flora is all tropical. Santiburi Samui Country Club has its own special identity and is distinguished from other courses in Thailand. Santiburi Country Club Golf Course Reviews

The Royal Samui Golf & Country Club

The Royal Samui Golf & Country Club is now close to completion and promises to match many people’s idea of the perfect holiday leisure facility. Set high in the Lamai hills, as well as a spectacular, challenging eighteen-hole course, there will also be an impressive Club House on site with a restaurant, bar, spa, gym, tennis courts and an olympic-sized swimming pool. Luxury villas are also planned around the course, and there will also be conference facilities as well as a Golf Academy. The RSGCC is set to become the perfect place to combine exercise with relaxation and indulgence.

golf vacation thailand

Considering the facilities on offer, membership fees will be very reasonable, and the club also intends to make sure local residents benefit from reduced rates. “There will be a special low rate for local people,” said manager Ken Chung. “We want to avoid being an elitist club, everyone is welcome. We will even run buggy tours for people who don’t play golf but want to enjoy the spectacular scenery.”

golf vacation thailand