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Koh Samui Bungy Jump

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Samui Bungee Jumping is becoming a popular activity for adrenaline junkies and regular junkies alike, and is now under new management. Not for the weak of bowels, the bungee jump takes you 50 metres high above a 5 inches deep plunge pool in the heart of Chaweng. You can also preserve the whole event on video if you like.

Want to get that ultimate adrenalin rush? A crazy alternative to the beach. The best bungy jump in Thailand. Samui Bungy Jump offer professional and safe adventure activities in the heart of Koh Samui. These is the adrenalin pumping, heart thumping high speed thrill that you canít afford to miss.

People jump for all sorts of reasons, to be able to say I DID IT, to wear the shirt or to impress the babes. All noble reasons, but the best reason to jump is still to FACE YOUR FEARS, to BATTLE with your MIND. To push yourself past the sweaty palms and the pit in your stomach to accomplish something you never dreamed you could do. So come on out, show us where your PERSONAL FEAR BARRIER is and we will help you break through to the other side...

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