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Samui ATV Tours Adventure

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Samui ATV Adventure offers a unique quad biking tour. The 2 and 1/2 hour tour starts with registration in the relaxed atmosphere of the ATV welcome camp. From there you venture off with a tour guide for some fun through a muddy jungle area.

Good ATVs can run easily on all terrains: beaches, rivers, creeks, country roads, and even deserts. They're already popular in western countries and now they’ve arrived on Koh Samui as the island’s newest outdoor activity. People can not only drive them, but can use them to carry people or cargo. There are 6 areas in the professional ATV field: The Straight Area, helping you to get used to the features of ATVs and to develop yours sense of driving directions.

Koh Samui Adventure Tour

atv adventure

You take an ATV pretty much anywhere on the island. Koh Samui is multi terrain so really explore and let loose. If this is your first time, take a guided tour. You’ll go up to the mountains and see all the best views of the island and its surroundings! Broom broom!